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Bay Area Trust Administration And Probate Advice

It’s hard enough to lose a loved one. The pain and stress of this difficult time is only magnified by the need to sort out legal details related to their estate such as administering a trust and distributing the estate’s other assets to the appropriate party. At the Law Office of Barbara Loebner, my goal is to lift this burden from your shoulders so that you can focus on grieving and other high priorities in your life. I can provide answers to all of your probate and trust questions.

Experienced Support In Trust Administration

Executing a trust comes with both privileges and responsibilities. If you have been named a trustee but are not sure how to proceed, I can help you get oriented. I can assist with a wide range of services, including:

  • Advising you on investment decisions on behalf of the beneficiaries
  • Filing trust tax returns
  • Funding subtrusts
  • Transferring real property

Navigate The Probate Process, With Or Without A Will

In some cases, it is possible to avoid the probate process through the strategic use of estate planning instruments, such as wills and trusts. In many cases, though, there will be unanswered questions about the intended beneficiaries of an estate after a loved one’s death. Even when there is no real dispute, it is necessary to work through California’s probate court system to fully distribute the decedent’s assets and execute their wishes.

If you are the executor of an estate, an attorney can assist you in your responsibilities such as:

  • Identifying and cataloging all assets belonging to the decedent’s estate
  • Addressing the decedent’s bills and debts
  • Appraisal of any property owned by the decedent
  • Collecting and managing life insurance proceeds
  • Filing documents with the relevant county probate court
  • Filing taxes on behalf of the estate when appropriate

Call Me To Learn More

I look forward to explaining my services in more detail by phone, and in person. To schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, call 650-468-2889, or contact me online.

I represent clients in the Peninsula and the South Bay. Based in Los Altos, I will travel to the location of your choice for our meetings. Alternatively, I often meet with clients at shared office spaces throughout the Bay Area.